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Attn: ahetrick
General Manager
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P.O box 16281 St Paul Mn 55102

To apply for participation in our program, to check for bed availability, or to schedule an appointment for an interview, please call, toll free, 651-343-9352 and leave a message indicating your name, the time you may be called back, and the phone number where you can be reached. The call will be taken by the operator, who immediately forwards the information to the appropriate SSSHP staff, who will return your call promptly.

All applicants are required to interview with house management before being considered for participation. The availability of beds is, by the nature of the program dynamic and ever changing. We therefore recommend contacting SSSHP no less than two weeks prior to your discharge date.

Please be aware that if you are currently in treatment, SSSHP is required to request a "Release of Information" to be signed by you for communication with your treatment team; SSSHP will contact them for referrals and professional opinions as to whether or not our program is right for you.

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