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Monthly Housing: The SSSHP Participant is required to pay a $600.00 monthly program fee.  A late fee of $25.00 is applied to all program fees not paid by midnight on the first of the month.   14 days advanced, written notice to terminate participation in our program must be provided by the participant.  No paid housing fees will be refunded.


Program fees may be pro-rated to allow a participant to enter our program part way through the month.  Please discuss this with house management at the time of interview.


SSSHP also requires the participant pay $375.00 security/sobriety/compliance deposit. Provided all program expectations have been met prior to leaving, this deposit will be mailed within 30 days, to the forwarding address given to management by the participant on their voluntary termination forms.  Deposits will not be used for housing/program fees.  Failure to follow the voluntary termination procedure of 14 days written notice will lead to the forfeiture of this deposit





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